A caller with oily hair asked Anthony for advice on his weekly radio slot on Ocean FM.
Anthony advised putting shampoo onto their hair before they get into the shower.  Rub it in, wet hair and then shampoo it again when wet.  Finish with cold water.
Anthony also said to avoid hot hairdryers and putting their hands through their hair.
Anthony also gave a tip to use dry shampoo inbetween shampooing their hair. It does help.

Joico Daily Care Balancing Shampoo  – balances the scalp and doesn’t have any oils €11.50 in Salon 2
Joico Dry Shampoo – great for refreshing hair inbetween shampooing and if you’re short on time but need to wash your hair.  It’s not powdery!

Daily Care Range     Joico Dry shampoo 200ml

Anthony spoke about sulphates in shampoos.  He said there is a difference between cheap and expensive sulphates as they are derived from different sources e.g. a more expensive sulphate may be sourced from coconut oil as opposed to completely man made


A pregnant lady contacted the show to ask could she improve the current poor condition of her hair.

Anthony recommended a good conditioning treatment such as KPAK 4 stage treatment in Salon 2.  It’s normally €45 but it’s currently on offer as an insalon treatment at €25.  It also has a cuticle sealer which locks in the treatment.


A Mum asked for advice for her daughter who has Psoriasis on her head.  What should she do?

Anthony said she needs to treat the psoriasis first.  There is a specific treatment that can be done in the salon ‘Morocconoil Experience’ – it can be tailored to your needs i.e. oily hair or dry scalp and costs €40 in the salon.
There are also treatments to take home ‘Moroccanoil Oily Scalp Treatment’ and ‘Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment’ each cost €33 for 45ml bottle  and last ages.  They’re really excellent.

Moroccanoil Oily Scalp Treatment     Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment - 200 x 360

A caller with unhealthy looking bleached hair asked Anthony for advice.

Anthony said she needs to put protein back into the hair as she’s lost a lot of moisture through bleaching it so often.  There are various degrees of bleach and many the salons use are mild bleaches.  A salon should always check the hair first to see if it’ll ‘take’ the colour.  Anthony said a funky hair cut with bleached hair can look fab.

The Joico KPAK range is excellent and has varying degrees of hydration and reconstruction for hair.
Also, try to avoid using heated products on the damaged hair.

4 step Kpak treatment

A mum with a 10 year old daughter with hair to her hips asked for advice as to how to detangle her hair.

Anthony said to use a Tangle Teezer brush – available in the salon for €14.50.
Anthony also shared a few great tips – brush the hair from the bottom up.  Also, brush the hair before washing it in the shower and it’ll be easier to manage.
Use a conditioning protein spray for kids such as Revlon Elave available in Salon 2.  It’s a detangling leave in conditioner. It has no parabens, no sulphates, no allergens and no colourants and is specifically for children.
Also, use a ‘paddle brush’ (the large square brush) when blowdrying hair as it helps keep the hair untangled.

images     Revlon Childrens range - 2 in 1 shampoo

A lady with black hair has been using black hair dye up to now to cover the grey.  She’d now like to go lighter gradually. Any advice Anthony?

Anthony said she could drop a shade of colour each time she colours her hair and just put on the top of her hair.  It’ll gradually lighten but it’ll be a long road.

She also has the option of going to a salon and getting her hair lightened and the colour lifted which would speed up the process.  Cutting her hair shorter would also help speed the colour lightening.