On Anthony’s Ocean FM Slot last Tuesday with Margaret Carr Flynn he answered a lot of queries from listeners ……

A caller spoke about how she has traces of dandruff on her scalp when she changes her shampoo?
Anthony said it is good to change your shampoo, but you may get a bit of scalp reaction if the product is too harsh for your scalp. Shampoo is the same as makeup so there is some trial and error to see what works for you.

A 16 year old called in to say she was going grey and wondered was there anything she could do to hide it?
Wet look gel can tone down the grey for a guy said Anthony or an oil based product.
For girls he recommended putting in a few highlights to tone down the grey or he also suggested using a coloured mousse and going a shade darker than your own hair.

A lady who put a home colour in her hair and wasn’t happy with it wondered if it was ok to put a salon colour on over it?
Anthony advised this lady to go into a salon and get professional advice. He said she would need to have a skin test done and a strand test. If your home colour goes too dark, it can take 3-4 hours to lift it out in a salon. In the long term the texture of the hair can become coarse and dry. Home Colours very rarely give glossy healthy shine.

A mum of a 7 year old rang in and said that the hair is coming out when she is brushing it, should she be worried?
Anthony suggested she start combing from the ends up, getting the ends cut
He said sometimes it can be diet related, the child could be low in iron
He said if she popped into the salon in could do an elasticity check and see how strong the hair is.

A lady who has red hair called and said she had lost a lot of weight recently and would like a new look, what could she do with red hair?
Anthony told her that red is very popular now and because the red works with her skin tone she should try to enhance it with a copper, or deeper red with copper tones. It will give her hair great shine. Anthony also spoke about how different red hair is to every other hair colour, he said it is a far thicker hair type.

A caller with a lot of frizzy hair wondered what she could use?
Moroccanoil is the solution for frizzy hair said Anthony. He suggests mixing the Moroccanoil with the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream for great results. He said a lot of people use mousse but this can leave the hair very hard.

Moroccanoil Curl defining cream    Moroccanoil - website

A 26 year old man rang in and said he is losing his hair and what could he do?
Cliniscalp a new product in Salon 2 may be the solution said Anthony. It comes in 3 steps
Step 1 Cleanse – this is a shampoo and cleans the hair
Step 2 Nourish – this is like a conditioner and conditions your hair
Step 3 Treatment – You leave this in your hair and apply it in the morning and evening

Cliniscalp trial kit

A caller who has dry brittle hair and bald patches asked what they could do?
Anthony said it could be alopecia, he advised this person go to their hairdresser and get them to take a look at it. He aslo suggested that you may have to go down the medical route. He said it is a good idea to get Iron levels checked. Anthony also suggested the B Vitamins which are very good for the nervous system. He said it could be hereditary or stress related.

A mum rang in and said that her 4 year old hates getting haircut, is there anything she could do?
Anthony said you have to be patient as it takes time to cut a child’s hair. In Salon 2 we have a section especially for children, where they can watch a dvd, have a lollipop or hot chocolate. We try to make it a pleasant experience for them.

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