It’s not just your skin you need to protect from the sun whether you are away on holidays or enjoying our current heatwave. UV rays have the power to do plenty of damage to your locks from dryness to fading your summer colour. You may not be able to feel it, but your hair burns in the sun just like skin, while UV rays also weaken your hair’s protein structure by making the shaft drier, brittle and more liable to breakage.
The amount of damage depends on the current condition of your locks, how much you expose your hair to the sun and how much swimming you do as chlorine and salt water can intensify the sun’s harmful effects.
Oh, the frayed, frizzy and fraught unpredictability of holiday hair…

Here at Salon 2 we don’t want you to worry about your hair we want you to relax and enjoy the sunshine so here are some of our top tips for fabulous holiday hair.

Before you head off for sunnier climates or if you are holidaying in sunny Ireland, schedule a trim before you go away to remove any damaged ends as they will just get worse in the heat.

Invest in a deep conditioning treatment on your hair before going away either in salon or at home. Our favourite in Salon 2 is the Joico Colour Therapy Luster Lock Treatment.

Frizzy hair is caused by humidity or moisture in the air, so when you go from a cool, air-conditioned plane or car straight into a hot, humid environment, hair reacts resulting in frizz. The best way to tackle this problem is to prep hair in advance.

Create a foundation to your hair to fight frizz by shampooing it the night before your flight/car journey with moisturising products to smooth it. We recommend Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner or if you have naturally curly hair, use the Joico Curl Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner.
Just as you moisturise on a plane to stop skin drying out, travel with a bottle of oil to keep your hair moisturised and frizz free. Joico KPak Restorative Oil is excellent for this.

If you really suffer from frizzy hair then the 12 week blowdry is a great option. This Lisse Design Keratin styling treatment removes frizz effect and re-moulds the hair form to the desired effect, smoothing the hair progressively and lasting up to twelve weeks.  This product is 100% safe and formaldehyde-free, sulphate-free, salt-free and paraben-free.

While on holiday…
Invest in a UV protective spray and before you go out in the sun, spritz it through your hair and tie it in a simple plait if hair is long. In Salon 2 we love the New Luster Lock Leave in Spray which gives full UV and heat styling protection while strengthening the hair to give soft, shiny hair. It is also a brilliant detangler, ideal for all the family!

Try not to wash hair every day (just a rinse with water) to keep some nutrients in.
Some change is inevitable so if you want to keep locks really safe, consider staying in the shade or wearing a wide-brimmed hat.  Wearing a hat or covering your head in the sun not only helps to prevent heatstroke, but it also prevents the sun from bleaching your hair and causing sunburn to your scalp.

Soft water areas will make your hair feel silky and soft, however if you have hair that doesn’t react well to being over-hydrated, soft water may render your hair a holiday nightmare. Pack volumising hair products to counterbalance the effect of soft water such as the Joico Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner, ideal for fine flyaway hair and conditioner is lovely and light and doesn’t weigh the hair down.

In hard water conditions, hair can become dry, dehydrated and unmanageable when exposed to heat, sun, chlorine and sea salt. Make sure that you pack extra moisturising and hydrating hair products to keep your hair manageable. In Salon 2 we recommend Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner and again the fabulous Lock Luster Treatment

Apply a nutrient-rich hair oil in the morning before you head to the beach to protect your hair from the sun, sea salt and chlorine, then wash it out when you return in the afternoon. Again use your Joico KPak Restorative Oil that you used on the plane.

Rinse hair well with clean water before and after being in the swimming pool to limit the amount of chlorine being absorbed and thereby limit the damage to your hair. Joico KPak Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner will eliminate chlorine and any product deposits from the hair. Try not to tie your hair up when it is still wet from the pool/sea, as hair is weaker when it’s wet and more likely to break. If you really need to tie it up, use a soft band or scrunchie that won’t tug on your hair.

With blonde hair, it is essential to protect the colour when travelling – sun, chlorine and the differences in water composition across the world can result in blonde hair becoming dull and brassy and, shock, horror, can even give hair a green tinge Switch to a sulphate free  shampoo and invest in a decent hair mask! Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask will banish the challenges of brassiness, off-tones, fading, and damage that blondes face on a daily basis. Trust us, with Blonde Life, you really will have more fun.

In Salon 2 we recommend the amazing Joico Hair Repair Treatment, a professional 4 step treatment for in salon use only. These products rebuild the interior structure of the hair and the cuticle while balancing moisture levels resulting in shiny, smooth healthy hair.

Whether you stay at home and enjoy this glorious sunshine we are having or go further afield, enjoy and keep sun safe 

 Anthony and all the Team at Salon 2 x